To invite filmmakers to attractive Osaka locations

With the collaboration of the Osaka Prefectural Government, Osaka Municipal Government and Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry representing the regional administration and business world, OSAKA FILM COUNCIL was established in February 2000 as the very first film commission of Japan. The Council has been making every effort to greatly contribute to smooth and effective filmmaking in Osaka, by not only introducing suitable locations but also helping provide required staffers, equipment, hotel accommodation and facilities of transportation.

As well as its fine landscape scenery befitting a leading international metropolis, Osaka presents, within its less spread-out region, many attractive locations appropriate for various movie scenarios on the assumption of scenes taking place in Japan or many other parts of the Far East; being endowed with the beauty of nature featuring the mountains, seas, rivers and countryside surrounding the busy city areas enlivened by events and entertainments with crowds of people as seen in many Asian cities, while valuing great traditions with Osaka's rich accumulation of historic and cultural inheritances.

As the second largest economic center of Japan today, Osaka offers an excellent environment for filmmaking with the support of its visual-images or pictures-related industries of world-class standing as well as cozy hotels and frequented restaurants serving international cuisines for pleasant stay of those visiting. For freer access to and from overseas, Osaka is reinforced with Japan's representative airport 'Kansai International Airport' providing direct air service links with a large number of major cities around the world.

For those looking for appropriate shooting or filmmaking locations in Asia, this Website is presented with emphasis on many photographs vividly introducing the attractions of Osaka, as well as with various forms for inquiries and registration. We sincerely hope to meet the needs of filmmakers who would consider Osaka as a prospective site of their filmmaking locations. Osaka extends a hearty welcome to filmmakers visiting Osaka for shooting of their films.

February 23, 2000 Founding of OFC (as Japan's first film commission)
August 2000 OFC joined the 'Association of Film Commissioners International'
2015年(平成27年) 大阪観光コンベンション協会が公益財団法人大阪観光局に名称変更し、大阪観光局の組織となる